do it so, i'll be mad. you'll be gone.
im gonna update cos we have charlie as our sub. this guy is awesome. he doesn't make us do shit. it's great really.

um. so yea im just chillin to some sao sin. not doing anything really.

there's this program on the computer and the guys next to me are making it say what ever they're typing

"brad loves to ride the cock all night long."

ah so yes. nothing to update. this is all random bull that doesn't make any sense.

im going to hang out with josh again today. he gets out of school at 1. no 5th or 6th period for me! so im gonna go to salinas again. not sure what we're gonna do. all i know is that we're gonna hang out : )

hapy birthday e! gabby beat me to it.
im pretty sure im goign to salinas on saturday for a fate thirteen show. you should go. well hope you have a really good one.

the only 2 locust pictures i loadedCollapse ) out
♥ jenny

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if there's a heaven then im bound for the fire

and we made out to jamison parker
wow, today was awesome

me and lesly went to salinas. we went to hot topic cos that's where josh works. for those of you that dont knwo...josh is the sweetest cutest guy i met.and he's great.
he ended up not being at lesly made me call him...i did...and it ends up he didn't go to school so he wanted to hang out. we went to go get him, ive never been treated so well by a guy.he held my hand, touched my face, gave me little kisses. he complimented me. i really liked that feeling. it's just...great. i cant fuck this shit up. i just cant.

fate thirteen is breaking up. meanning i gotta go to their last local shows. i hate that. i like them alot.

well i guess that's all i gotta say.


for once in my life, things are going ok.

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saw mean girls. i liked it cos they were such bitches. it was entertaining.


hm. i dont really want to update...cos eh. it's kinda boring. so yea.

me and lesly are gonna go to salinas today to be gangsters and sell drugs.

yes i was just kidding.

i wish i had money tho so we could hit up the buffet.


well im out


i wasn't gonna update...but i guess
the show sucked. but i stayed cos i didn't pay 8 dollars for nothing.

im borededededCollapse )

bought clothes today. a pair of jeans and a camo skirt. its so cool. im gonna wear it tomorrow. ate at a&w today. and made the juke box play let's get it on 6 times. hahaha i rule. goodnight.


my heart bleeds no more.
xJenn0cidex: i wanna go see throwdown soooooooooooo bad...but i doubt ill have a ride
Fabesmpk: more like BROdown.

haha i dont know why but that cracked me up for so long.


all i did today was went to target, got hair dye. went to nob hills...applied. went to albertsons..applied.. went to longs to pick up pictures and came home.

i dyed my hair black

5 scene points for me bitches.


hm..tomorrow me and jen might go see mean girls. im just gonna wait for her to call.

if not, im gonna go see cropknox with stench,mark and punkerfred831

im getting this tattooed on me. when ive been edge for a year.
so in november...that shit will be on my arm or my the banner it's supposed to say "x True Till Death x" and on the necklace it has "xXx". ray drew it for me.

well im gonna go do nothing.
tiff, carlos's girlfriend, wow her poems are beyond amazing. i seriosly recommend you guys to check those out. ive fallen in love with them.she has talent.

well enough of me sayign random shit. im gonna go. IM me or soemthing


edit:punkerfred used to be cool. untill he told me he was a raider fan. what the

all walls of jericho
walls of jericho is one of my favorite bands.

"All Hail The Dead" Ecard

"Playing Soldier Again" MP3

"Playing Soldier Again" video

do yourself a favor and check them out. female fronted with an amazing sound.


<3 jenny

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lookit. new icon.

me and timmy are going to warped tour cos we're really really cool. like duh. haha.

um yes. im bored.

no escuela tomorrow. plans are open. so someone calllll me.

i really dont know what to write. at all.

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sooo im here at the library with jen. weve been in santa cruz all day. haha seen some crazy lookin lady at the bus. haha she was funny lookin. *knock on wood*. hm we were gonna go see mean girls. but didnt work out. cos it started to late. i gotta go to my editors today and work on my tiger army article. WE SAW THE HOTTEST GUY AT ZUMIEZ...*droool*. wowie. i just applied right now online. hehehe.

so yes

everyone's doing itCollapse )

im gonna go check out the swing classes today. just to see em. and yea. im really hungry. snickerdoodles rule.

im out


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so im goin to warped tour. some chick is going to sell me her ticket.

im gonna see...Collapse )

and yea jen called me. craig's girlfriend. hm..i thought she didn't like me or something. well yea we're hanging out tomorrow.

and yea that's abotu it.


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