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hm..i need to find a babysitter for friday night. it's bull cos they're not even my kids. i usualy help my mom out on fridays cos she works nights. buttttttt friday night im gonna go to fate thirteen. so im fucked. THEY"RE NOT EVEN MY KIDS...lame

that being said...i can't go to taste of blood tonight. i hate responsibility. i really wanted to see animosity too. well ill just keep telling myself that they're gonna play again..cos they are...right?

yea..that's it. i dont know what to write. nothing is up really. just takled to gabby and jessica alot last night.

save the drama for your momma

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fuck yizzle.

are you going to the show?

Not really down with the hateedgecore.

oh...well go anyway..cos i dont know who you are.

i feel all special u put my name on ur live

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