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oh yes, i forgot about this...

dont pretend to like me. honesly i dont care. you know who you are. dont fucking wave to me. dont say hi. dont talk to me period. and if anything....dont look at me. i know you dont like me. and i dont care. you're nothing special to me. just another clone. do whatever you want. just as long as it doesn't involve me. i can be a bitch. and most of the time...i am. so stay the fuck out of my way.

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me too.. i like you jensta =)

i like you too :)

yeah.. hey jen im gonna get "killed"

i know i dont know you that well..well i dont know you at all but if you dont like some1 why should you not have dont have to like every one. you are you and dont change that 4 no 1.but that is just me?

yea..i mean if someone doesn't like me. i'd rather have them not pretend...then to fucking act like they care. it's stupid. im not going to change anything i do for anyone. my life. my choice. i hate to be a bitch about it..but no one seems to listen when im nice.

yeah well that is just me..and i dont know if you like me or not..but just so you know i have nothing agents you..but uyou seem true to ur i said i dont even know you..but if you ever need a ride call me up..or e mail me.. no liy ...well laterzz. hope you dont let other people ruin your life no 1 is worth it but you...

yea that's cool.i have nothing against you...i dont know you is all..hah. but it's cool...i like meeting new people, as long as they aren't fake. if you ever wanna chill..hit me up. im always down.

oooo and you can always be nice! :-)

well, FUCK THAT BITCH!!! whoever she may be

i am the greatest raper of them all

hahaha seriously.

no. im the the greatest

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