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so im at angies..and we're gonna leave right now..

lupita..please kill yourself. ill buy you the fucking gun. you ruined my happy mood. please die. you are the only person in this world i hate. the only person i think deserves to be wiped off the face of this earth. die.

um i guess that's it. im out


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YEAH, FUCK THAT BITCH!! (whos lupita?)

a stupid whore who should be thrown off the face of this earth.

ill show you her, if we ever see her nasty face in our presence.

That bitch is so FUCKEN ugly...she needs to die!!!! Hey ive got an idea let run's her over...lets plan a date for that..yeah?

let's. as soon as one of us gets a car..

how come you girls don't like her?

long story short...

i despise dumb lying whores who try to take everything i have...and ugh...i just...ill explain later

Ah ok. Sorry I didn't mean to bring up any shit. It's weird because a lot of the girls I know. They don't like her, and I wanted to know why? hummm? She must be really fucked up!

it's cool. i just reallly dont like her. she's 2 faced. she lies. she gets what she wants at the expensive of friendships. i was never her friend. but i saw what she's done to my friends. guys and girls alike.

I see... If she were ever to hurt me you would fuck her up?

haha i'd fuck her up regardless..

but if she were to fuck with my gets personal. but..i now know..dont make the mistake of befreinding her.

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