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so that fate thirteen show got cancled AGAIN. fuck this shit is annoying..oh yea..if anyone wants to do anything...hit me up..

im out

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bah, who needs more straightedge hardcore bands anyways.

yea..they're breaking up...that's why i want to see them..but i dunno...

you dont like saosin..
you suck

(Deleted comment)
im going to the gilman tomorrow night and a party , if you wanna go let me know - eva

Outbreak (Ma)
The Distance
Drug Test

i'll be leaving SC at like 7pm (pretty late) and probably partying in the city all night with bands after the show , i guess the show is like 5 bucks or 8 bucks to get in , but we'll only get the see the last half of it or something , i might just hang out outside

oh yeah actually we're all gonna be getting fucked up probably so if your edge you might want to pass , but hey did u know lynda went to boot camp haha

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