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that's me and mark by the way...


yea im done with that, i was gonna show you guys josh...but then...i decided...maybe later

im sorry for everything you're going through. life's a bitch. mistakes are made. lessons are being taught. it's just the way the world works. just know, that im here for you.and always will be. no matter what's happend, im here. you're my friend. doesn't matter what drama is going here in you're time of need. you know the number. dont hesitate to call. put the same trust in me, as i have with you.♥


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fuck, i should be a character in lilo and stitch. haha

damn those are some biggg asss pics:)

yea i know..but im bad with the resizing...

hello, i like the pics, didn't know you could make um look like that, you came out really nice, your very photogenic, you dont come out with your mouth open and one eye open and the other not, like me lol have a nice one


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